• "Whisky in the Dark puts a unique spin on the blind taste test, and while the event is currently Edinburgh-only, it provides inspiration for whisky drinkers anywhere who may want to try it for themselves."

    Hot Rum Cow
  • In: 32 Things About Edinburgh That Will Surprise You "This one-of-a-kind whisky tasting...takes place in pitch-black darkness to help you focus on the flavours, and the experience is heightened by live music from The Black Diamond Express."

  • "During the tasting, Whisky Business’s founder and whisky blogger, Felipe Schrieberg, will offer an entertainingly educational ‘dramming session’ designed to appeal to both whisky beginners and experts alike."

    Edinburgh Evening News
  • "In pitch-black darkness, guests will be able to enjoy both the music and the whisky as the brain compensates for loss of sight by enhancing the other senses. Five different whiskies will be served to those attending."

    Scotsman Food & Drink
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