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Every tasting, to your taste

For the love of whisky

This wonderful, rich and classic drink offers the perfect experience for a delightful corporate party or warm get-together among friends. And nobody creates a better whisky experience than Whisky Business. We create the engaging and enlightening event appropriately tailored for gatherings of any size. You and your guests will taste a selection of extraordinary, hand-picked whiskies. By the end, you will all understand and share our passion for this amazing liquor. As Mark Twain said, “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”

What we bring to your tasting table

An excellent selection of hand-picked whiskies.

A talent for working with events of any size, from a private tasting to large corporate gatherings.

An ability to create bespoke events that cater perfectly to your needs.

Whisky pairings

Whisky naturally accompanies the other senses. Chocolate, cheese, cigars, flower, herbs, special nosing kits…even music. We can provide all that and more.

Event ideas

Exclusive tasting

You book the venue, we bring the whisky. We’ll offer a varied selection of whiskies (we would decide the exact number with you ahead of time) and conduct a 2-3 hour tasting.

Whisky tasting dinner

An intimate dinner and tasting experience for groups of up to 15. We’ll provide a special dinner with a whisky to accompany each course. The event lasts 3 to 4 hours.

Hosted tasting

We’ll pick the venue, and we bring the whisky for a 2-3 hour tasting. You can bet it’ll be a bit out of the ordinary. Houseboat in London? We can do that. Basement club in Edinburgh? We can do that, too. Luxury country house in the Scottish highlands or the English midlands? Yes indeed.

Whisky gig

Whisky and great music is a winning combination. We’ll bring the whisky, arrange the venue, and provide some of the best live music through our extensive network of  musicians for an unforgettable gig, lasting approximately 3 hours. We can provide function bands playing the top danceable hits, folky singer-songwriters, the best country and blues outfits, classical music ensembles, and more.

Whisky Ceilidh

The ultimate Scottish party tasting. We can arrange a venue, provide the whisky, and a Ceilidh band. Expect a dance after each whisky, and following the tasting, more dancing. We can even bring a DJ afterwards as well. Whisky is especially delicious after an energetic Strip the Willow.

A weekend in Islay

Islay is one of the great world capitals of whisky, with eight famed distilleries on one small Hebridean island off the west coast of Scotland. It is one of our favorite places in the world. We promise an unforgettable weekend, arranging accommodation, trips around the island, and distillery visits and tastings. This one takes at least three months’ advance notice.

Bespoke events

You’ve got your own ideas? We’ll make that work. We can fit a tasting event to your needs.

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